Are you an Educator wanting to move to Harmony Web?

Over the next few months, across Australia, hundreds of FDC Educators will move to Harmony Web.

Educators, once your Service is online you can get up and running with the FDC Educator version of Harmony and run your business and interactions with your Service online. This software will empower both Services and Educators like never before.

We invite you to join us for a FREE, 1 hour online Webinar to learn all about the new features and benefits that will come to you when you use Harmony Web, including:

  • Electronic timesheets and digital signatures that will mean the end of paper
  • Automatic processes that will fast track routine tasks and minimise errors
  • A new programming module that will help Educators plan and manage children’s learning
  • Plus lots more.

Our EDUCATOR Webinars are planned for the following dates:

No webinars available at present

These webinars are shown in Queensland time and run for 45 minutes and then have 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Book into your Webinar of choice and you will be sent a confirmation email with log-in details for the webinar.

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