Transition to the new Child Care System (CCS)

We want to provide you with an update on how the CCS will affect Harmony CBC and how we will help you through this transition.

Over the next couple of months, we will be moving you to the new Harmony Web platform which will include the changes occurring from 2nd July 2018. It will also include many new features such as parent portal, electronic signatures, and program & practice.

During this transition phase, you will be running your two systems concurrently for bookings and enrolments. This means you will continue to transact in your current software with CCMS up until 1st July 2018 and then from the 2nd July 2018 you will move fully to the new Harmony Web platform for processing.


This will occur in 3 phases, which will have stages in each phase for you to follow. The 3 phases are:

  • Phase 1: Migrate data into the new Harmony web platform
  • Phase 2: Setup the new Harmony Web platform with CCS Approvals, CCS Personnel and Enrol children under CCS
  • Phase 3: Train services in the new Harmony Web platform ready for 2nd July 2018

Phase 2 and 3 will run concurrently in order to allow enough time for services to complete all training

Phase 1 April to June

  • Stage 1: Begin to clean up your data so when we migrate your data we only take current data. Inactive any families and children that no longer attend the centre and end date and inactivate any schedules
  • Stage 2: Register and completed our webinar training on setting up your system and enrolments
  • Stage 3: We will be in contact to take a copy of your current Harmony CBC database to migrate into the new Harmony Web Platform. In this stage, we will only migrate families, children, bookings, fees, rooms and programs
  • Stage 4: Access is given to new Harmony Web platform to begin

Phase 2 will commence once registration has been completed with CCS.

  • Stage 1: Enter your new CCS Approval, CCS Personnel into the new platform
  • Stage 2: Send out Complying Written Agreement (CWA) form to families (this stage is optional) This is a new module. See CSS enrolments for further details
  • Stage 3: Enrol children under CCS
  • Stage 4: Parent accepts enrolments through their my gov account
  • Stage 5: You are now ready to transact from 2nd July 2018

Phase 3:

  • Stage 1: Register your service for webinars. We will be holding separate webinars on the different areas of the new Harmony Web platform, Invoicing and Payments and Attendances and submissions to CCSS.
  • Stage 2: Service completes the webinars
  • Stage 3: One on One training conducted with your service for any further questions or areas the service would like to re-visit
  • Stage 4: You are now ready to transact from 2nd July 2018


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