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Top 3 Tips for helping your Educators before they come online

  1. Familiarise yourself with Harmony Web for Educators
    Did you know that not only Educators can sign up for the trial version but so can Services?  We have found that playing around in the system without the fear of error is the number one learning tool for Services and Educators.  While Educators have a 14 day free trial, Services that sign up to our trial can be unlocked so you can use this for an extended period.
    You might even want to join our webinar as well to get an overview of what the Educators see – we would love to have you join in.
  2. Utilise the tips sheets and videos
    We understand at Harmony that everyone learns differently, this is why we have provided a wide range of tip sheets and videos which are available through the support portal.
  3. Invoicing and Opening balances
    Before your Educators start on Harmony Web they need to have a clear indication on what the parents’ opening balances are and when they want to start invoicing through the portal.   While adjustments can be made if they have entered in a wrong date, we have found that if the Educators start with a clear direction then the easier it will be.

Don’t forget that we are here to support you!  If you are ever unsure on how to help your Educator through a problem just give us a call.  Your Educators can also send a support ticket through their portal to which trained, qualified, trustworthy staff will be able to respond to their questions, alternatively they can email


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