Tips for your service

Update enrolment before formalising

  • When you need to formalise an enrolment please update the enrolment before clicking formalise.  This is done in Harmony Web to pull through the changes you have made either on the parent or child record.  Once the enrolment is formal, the timesheets will process overnight and any benefits they are entitled to for this financial year will be applied onto the educator’s payment advice to pass onto the family.

Helping Educators on Harmony Web

  • We have built a help/support module within your educator version of Harmony Web. We ask that educators use this when seeking our help, and include as much explanation and details as possible. Our target is to respond within 4 business hours. Depending upon the issue we may respond online within the educator system or by telephone.

Frequently asked questions from Educators

Q. CCR is being applied to a timesheet but the family are not entitled to this.

A. The parent is technically eligible for CCR which is why it’s continuing to forecast however there may be a week the parent isn’t meeting the requirements to receive the rebate. If the educators wish for the CCR to stop estimating then you as a service will need to amend this in the parent record.

Q. No Timesheet is appearing for a child

A. Just like the service, timesheets are generated via a booking.  If it’s a casual child then you will create a casual booking (Guardians with no sessions) so that the educator is able to use the timesheet when the child comes into care.


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