Common questions Childcare Educators have about Harmony Web – and our answers


  • What’s the major difference with the new Harmony?

    The new version of Harmony has undergone a significant re-engineering to enable a better software platform that serves the needs of both Services and Educators whilst providing a raft of new, much needed capabilities for the sector, many of them industry firsts. Specifically, Harmony no longer comes in different versions. There is only one Harmony software program and that is web-based. You log-in to access this in a similar way to how you might log-in to access Internet banking, Facebook or Linked-In. And, like these applications, what you do there depends on what subscription services you have signed up for. The advantage of being on the web is that Harmony can be accessed by any computing device, including mobile and handheld. The web version is the one and only version of information and it is always up to date, safe and secure, and accessible only by all those who have qualified access to it.

  • What’s in the new version of Harmony?

    Major new features include:

    • A new look interface that is easier to use and provides a better way of working and managing day-to-day tasks within Harmony, as well as giving improved views
    • Instant access to Harmony via a simple log-in any time, from any location or computing device, e.g. mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, and tablets
    • Instant access to new Harmony Web features as they are released, depending on your subscription level
    • Safe storage of all your information at our secure data centres in Australia
    • Automatic and assured back-up of all your information – no need to worry about this any more
    • Greater connectivity and synchronisation of your Harmony systems with your Service’s system
    • Real time notifications between you and your Service
    • Automatic Direct Debit and BPAY through our electronic payment gateway system, redPAY, ensuring faster payment and improved cash flow
    • New improved Cashbook
    • Faster online access to payment advice details
    • A secure private area as part of a new Library feature that will store your business accounts and personal documents
    • Plus exciting new capabilities in the areas of programming and communications with your Service and Parents via a soon-to-be-released Parental Portal, providing many positives for you and your Service provider
  • What is the release plan?

    In Q4 2015 the web version of Harmony was released with over 40 FDC Services migrating in the first few months. Many more came online in 2016. We are working with all our FDC clients who want to take advantage of the web version to assist them move across as soon as possible. FDC Services need to book for transition by end of January 2017 otherwise Redbourne will allocate a date for your Harmony Web transition (by April 2017).

    The FDC Educator version is now available. Educators, please contact your Service to find out when you can get started.

    The Nanny Version is currently in pilot stage and will be released in 2017. Check our website for updates.

  • What has happened to Harmony Light?

    You can still use your current Harmony Light, however it will be superseded by the new Educator version of Harmony, which will be a web-based, cloud-based solution. Harmony Light users can remain using their current system if they want to, but we recommend Educators upgrade to the new web version of Harmony.

  • Is the Electronic Signature module compliant with regulations?

    Electronic signatures are becoming more and more popular. E-Signatures in Harmony Web can be used in a number of areas. The regulations are primarily concerned about parents signing enrolment, medication and attendance records. The Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) defines ‘sign’ as including ‘the affixing of a seal or the making of a mark’ (section 12 of schedule 1). This allows electronic signatures or password protected records to be used to meet the requirements of the National Law and National Regulations.

  • Is the data secure?

    Yes, your data is accessed via a security encrypted link and only accessible to you and those who have password access to it. Your data is also stored in a secure data centre and copied to a second Australian data centre location. We have taken the added security measure of encrypting bank account details that are held in the data centre.

  • Is the data backed up?

    Yes, data backup happens automatically so you can always be assured that the latest information has been captured and stored. This reduces your concerns about data backups or uploading new versions. It is all taken care of for you. Your Harmony data is backed up twice daily.

  • How easy is it to change to Harmony Web?

    We ask that you contact your Service to see if they are using the new Harmony Web and if so ask them about any special pricing and payment plans. Depending upon your Service’s arrangement with Harmony, they may be able to switch you on and get you started within minutes. Those Educators whose Service is not using the new Harmony, but want the web version of Harmony.

  • Will my data be migrated to the new online Harmony?

    There will not be a need to migrate your family data from Harmony Light to the new Harmony Web for Educators. Once you are connected to your Service, the family data, including fees and bookings held in the Service’s version of Harmony, are available to you. If you use Harmony Light to bill parents and receipt monies, you will need to bring across the account balance.

  • What if I want my data back?

    Some of the data in Harmony is the property of the Service. That portion that is not the property of your Service can be extracted and returned to you. There may be a small fee for extracting and returning the data.

  • Does Harmony support languages other than English?

    In developing Harmony we have made allowances for clients who wish to convert from English to another language. Depending upon your browser, you may be able to install a tool such as Google Translate for Google Chrome or Online Translator Toolbar for Firefox

  • Is training available?

    The new Harmony is a lot simpler to use than the current Harmony Light. We will be providing you with a user manual, short video guides and a practise version to use. If you require additional training we offer one-on-one remote site training at a rate of $35 per half hour. We think it may take one or two thirty-minute sessions to train you on the web version of Harmony for Educators.

  • What support is available?

    We have an inbuilt support portal with videos and tip sheets and direct email function to our support team.

  • How long will Redbourne support the current version of Harmony?

    There will not be any new updates to Harmony Light. We will continue to provide help desk support until 30th June 2017.

  • I already own Harmony Light? Do I need to upgrade?

    If you purchased Harmony Light after February 2015 you will be entitled to a rebate on the cost of the new Harmony for Educators. Please contact Harmony to discuss pricing.

  • How do I get the new web version of Harmony – how do I get started?

    Please contact your Service. They may be able to offer a special price and payment plan. If so, they will be able to switch you on within minutes. Otherwise, contact our office and we will discuss options with you.

  • What does the new web version of Harmony cost?

    If you are an Educator we recommend you speak to your Service for the best available price according to your and their requirements. If you are an Educator buying directly from Redbourne because your Service has not yet gone online, please contact us for pricing.

  • What are the system requirements?

    Harmony is a web-based solution. All you need is reliable Internet access, preferably at least ADSL2.
    Supported browsers are:
    – Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
    – Google Chrome
    – Mozilla Firefox
    – Opera
    – Safari
    NOTE: Javascript must be enabled on the browser. For all browsers listed above except Internet Explorer 8, it is assumed that the browser has been kept up to date.
    Other System Requirements are a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.