Are you a new customer to Harmony Web?

Welcome! The Harmony Web team are highly experienced and can support and show you and your team how to get the most from the software. We have worked with many large and small services in Family Day Care, In Home Care, Child Care and Outside School Hours Care across Australia. So let us help you get to know how Harmony Web CCS Software works with a tailored training package.

New Services receive the following training.

  • 1 x 1 ½ hour remote access training sessions
  • 2 x 1 hour remote access training
  • 1 x Mentoring session on their first day processing
  • 1 x Follow up call 1 month after starting

Each training session will go through a particular section of the software so we don’t overwhelm you with everything at once.

We take you through the different stages of the processing cycle.

The mentor session allows you direct access to a support staff on your first day of processing, we know it can be overwhelming on that very first day.  The Harmony Web team keep in touch with you for the first month, to make sure your processes and procedures are working seamlessly.

Please note if a service requires onsite training this is quoted separately.

1:1 training online with Harmony Web

What training can we receive ongoing?

Once you have settled into using Harmony Web CCS Software for your service, you may need top-up training from time to time.  Our team are always available to provide training and support to our customers.

We offer:

  • New Employee training
  • Professional Development sessions
  • Webinar training for a group of Family Day Care Educators
  • Family Day Care Educator one on one training

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1:1 online training for Harmony Web customers
Let us show you how Harmony Web CCS Software can improve your business.
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