With July 13th just around the corner, you will be able to start invoicing families/guardians again and this is where redPAY comes in. We know how important cash flow is to your business and we want you to get the money you are entitled to.

redPAY has been designed with both parties in mind to create a better, more efficient, and more accountable system for all. Using redPAY you will save money on bank fees, at the same time providing Direct Debit and BPAY solutions for your parents/guardians to pay your business. In addition, to make things easier for you the software fully integrates with your Harmony Web Software.

A question we get from clients is, ‘Will redPAY support me?’ 
Yes, of course. redPAY will help you every step of the way. redPAY will inform your parents/guardians by providing user-friendly information sheets you can share with them. redPAY manages the admin work and activate and update parent’s Direct Debit accounts at the set-up phase and ongoing – at no extra cost to you or them. Also, BPAY payment details are clearly displayed on all invoices issued.

Here are some key advantages with redPAY

Activate quickly.
Easily turn on the redPAY payments functionality in your Harmony Web Software in real-time and all online. No more paper needed.

Nominate easily. 
Decide who will pay the transaction fees. This can be nominated online via the redPAY module in your Harmony Web Software.

Issue seamlessly. 
Using the Invoicing & Receipting functionality within Harmony Web Software, you can issue invoices to parents/guardians seamlessly.

Access anywhere.
Parents/guardians with access to Parent Portal can download ALL their invoices and pay invoices via the payNOW button.

It is a flexible, reliable, secure, online payment gateway. 

Learn more about redPAY, here.