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Features that Harmony Web provides Services.

For Family Day Care Services, Centre Based Care, Outside School Hours Care Services –  Harmony Web delivers many standard features and benefits including:

    • Online integration between Services and Educators
    • A new interface that is easy to use and provides a better way of working and managing day to day tasks within Harmony Web
    • Instant access to Harmony Web any time, from any location or device, e.g. mobile and tablet devices
    • One database that can manage all types of services
    • Safe storage of all your information at our secure data centres in Australia
    • Automatic and assured back-up of all your information – no need to worry about this any more
    • Instant access to Harmony Web software updates
    • Integrated email and automatic retrieval of CCSS data
    • Advanced reporting and analysis tools
    • On-demand banking – you don’t have to wait till the end of each fortnight
    • More efficient and flexible systems for processing Educator payments, deductions and debts

Plus, all these built in smarts:

  • Management of multiple guardians and shared care
  • Management of family levies
  • Late and revised Timesheets
  • Personalisation of user role permissions
  • Automated overnight query of CCSS enrolments, attendance records, payments etc.
  • Processing more than two sessions in a day

Share information between Services and Educators.

When your Service and your Educators use Harmony Web your systems are fully connected and integrated. The benefits are:

  • Timesheet information can be submitted electronically by the Educators, enabling faster processing times, significantly reducing your data entry time and error rate. You will still be able to easily review, edit and approve the information submitted by Educators
  • Changes to Information, Enrolments and fee data in the Service’s Harmony system will automatically be uploaded into the version used by Educators. For example changes in a child’s CCS will automatically be flagged in Harmony for Educators
  • The child, parent and fee information in your Harmony will always match that held by the Educator
  • Payment Advice summaries can be transmitted and updated directly to Educators
  • Messages can be sent between you and the Educators from within the application
  • Real time notifications and alerts so you are automatically advised of changes, actions and processes. Harmony for Educators also automatically generates reminders for insurance, first aid certificate renewals and so on.
  • Using redPAY, the Redbourne Group payment gateway ensures faster payment and improved cash flow. Fees are automatically processed when due ensuring that you receive payments quickly and regularly, minimising arrears and bad debts. This function will also benefit Educators, delivering an improved, faster payment process, including rolling payments.