Quality is an optional Module for Services.

Ensuring a professional quality management system in line with the National Quality Framework is an important must do for those working in the sector. The quality module in Harmony is designed to manage all aspects of your Quality System with tools to guide, even a novice, through preparing the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP):

  • Take advantage of a library of customisable electronic forms and templates
  • Upload your existing Policies and Procedures for easier access and management – say goodbye to paper-based or other inferior types of quality management systems
  • Let the fully-integrated system automatically update the links and content of your policies and procedures as your QIP takes shape
  • Refer to the Regulations or ACECQA’s tips at the click of a button
  • Link your policy forms and templates to the National Quality Standard
  • Stay on track with your Implementation Plan thanks to an inbuilt Task Management System that tells you what needs to be achieved and by when
  • Record and manage Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) incidents in a purpose-built system