Library is part of the optional Administration Module for Services.

As part of the OPTIONAL ADMINISTRATION MODULE Harmony Web has an advanced Library Management system for storing and easily locating:

  • Forms – electronic or scanned forms, with the flexibility to create your own and upload them
  • Images, photos and videos
  • Documents
  • Reference materials
  • Your own folders

This electronic library — coming later 2017 — provides the ideal facility to store items that you need to keep as part of a Quality Evidence library or for Child records.

Great Value-add for your Educators!

The appeal of the Electronic Document Library system is that it comes with 2 electronic document libraries:

  1. A common library to simplify the sharing of documents between your Educators and your Service
  2. A private EDUCATOR ONLY library for your Educators to store their business accounts and personal documents. Services are not able to access this library, however you enable it for your Educators when your Service purchases and installs the Administration module.