One of the big pluses of using Harmony Web is the strong integration and up to date shared information between Services and their Educators.

When your Service and your Educators use the web version of Harmony your systems are fully connected and synchronised providing longed-for benefits:

  • Timesheet information can be submitted electronically by the Educators, enabling faster processing times, significantly reducing your data entry time and error rate. You will still be able to easily review, edit and approve the information submitted by Educators
  • Changes to Information, Enrolments and fee data in the Service’s Harmony system will automatically be uploaded into the version used by Educators. For example changes in a child’s Child Care Benefit will automatically be flagged in Harmony for Educators
  • The child, parent and fee information in your Harmony will always match that held by the Educator
  • Payment Advice summaries can be transmitted and updated directly to Educators
  • Messages can be sent between you and the Educators from within the application
  • Real time notifications and alerts so you are automatically advised of changes, actions and processes. Harmony for Educators also automatically generates reminders for insurance, first aid certificate renewals and so on.
  • Automatic Direct Debit and BPAY through our electronic payment gateway system, redPAY. This ensures faster payment and improved cash flow. Fees are automatically processed when due ensuring that you receive payments quickly and regularly, minimising arrears and bad debts. This function will also benefit Educators, delivering an improved, faster payment process, including rolling payments.