Educator and child playing with puppets

New Features that Harmony Web provides Services.

For FDC Services Harmony delivers many outstanding new features and benefits including:

    • Online integration between Services and Educators
    • A new interface that is easy to use and provides a better way of working and managing day to day tasks within Harmony
    • Instant access to Harmony any time, from any location or computing device, e.g. mobile devices such as Ipads, via a simple log-in
    • One database that can manage both Family and, soon, Centre-Based Services.
    • Safe storage of all your information at our secure data centres in Australia
    • Automatic and assured back-up of all your information – no need to worry about this any more
    • Instant access to new Harmony features as they are released, depending on your subscription level
    • Integrated email and automatic retrieval of CCMS data
    • Advanced reporting and analysis tools
    • On-demand banking – you don’t have to wait till the end of each fortnight
    • More efficient and flexible systems for processing Educator payments, deductions and debts

Plus, all these built in smarts:

  • Management of multiple guardians and shared care
  • Management of family levies
  • Late and revised Timesheets
  • Personalisation of user role permissions
  • Automated overnight query of CCMS enrolments, attendance records, payments etc.
  • Processing more than two sessions in a day