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15 AUGUST 2017.

How your feedback found its way into Harmony Web.

Feedback is important to us. Some of your suggestions that we have acted upon are:

  • The ability to copy the timesheets to another sibling. (Released)
  • Split Care was apportioning via fees. It can now also be allocated by hours. (Released)
  • Notes on Timesheet, child notes recorded in the Child Record will now display on the timesheet for services only. (Released)
  • Educator Payment Hours Report – include timesheets marked, “Ready for CCMS”. (Released)
  • Child Booking – want the ability to update or create the booking from the child record. (Released)
  • The ability to display timesheets by child first name or surname. (Currently in development)
  • IHC Levy – the ability to cap per family. (Released)

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