Moving to Harmony Web – An Educator’s Experience

20 JUNE 2017.

Harmony Web has made North Queensland FDC Educator’s life so much easier.

Georgina Zadelj who is an Educator with Cassowary Coast Family Daycare Scheme in Innisfail Queensland and 2013 National Family Daycare Educator of the Year shares her experience of moving to Harmony Web.

“When the time came to take the plunge and make the transition for my FDC Business, Country Kids Childcare, to Harmony Web I was a bit sceptical whether this was truly going to make my life any easier. After a few initial hiccups with pin numbers for the parents before long I was up and running. Like all newly developed systems you can always expect some hiccups but I was encouraged by my scheme to seek help from Harmony Support.

“I’m so glad I took this advice because they were fantastic getting back to me promptly and personally guiding me through getting my problem ironed out.

“Well as the weeks went on I soon discovered I was quite unique and experiencing some rare issues that Harmony had not encountered with other services. Once again after a few initial responses in my inbox they set up a convenient time for me to get the support via team viewer for them to work their magic.

“By the next morning all my problems were rectified and my system up and running again. The representative I spoke to was very friendly to talk to, understanding and supportive.

“I love the new system, no more paper timesheets, gone are the timesheets being chewed up by my printer and no more late Sunday nights trying to get everything in order to deliver into the office. I live in a rural area out of town, so the convenience of being able to submit the timesheets on the last day each child’s care was fantastic and saved travelling into town. My families have easily adapted to the new system and I have had no complaints.

“So thank you Harmony!”

Pictured below is Georgina with one of her parents using the digital signature 4 digit pin sign-in to speed sign-ins and sign-outs



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