Harmony Web on Tour begins

1 JUNE 2016.

Harmony Web to tour 8 cities on National Roadshow Tour.

The Redbourne Group has extended bookings for Educator sessions at its Harmony Web seminars lifting the previous cap of 5 Educators per Service.

Kicking off its Harmony Web on Tour national series last night (31 May 2016) with presentations to Services and Educators on Brisbane’s South Side at Sheldon Event Centre, CEO of the Redbourne Group (developers of Harmony Web), Stephen Menhinnitt said he recognised that some Services had large numbers of Educators chomping at the bit to come along. “As a result, we will stretch our existing bookings to capacity and allow bookings on a first-come first-served basis.”

Ready for EducatorsAttendees on Tuesday’s Services’ session were given an overview of new Harmony Web and an extended demonstration of the features in the standard version as well as what will be available in Optional Modules such as Parent Portal and Programming.

Many Services welcomed the automatic overnight querying of CCB percentages; shared guardians; fast, easy-to-use comprehensive time sheets for Educators; as well as other new features which had a lot of inbuilt smarts.

At the Educator session there was considerable interest in electronic sign-ins, digital signatures, electronic time sheets and parent portals, with many viewing new Harmony Web as simple and straightforward to use.

Mr Menhinnitt said they were currently migrating 30 Services across a week with the view to move as many as possible over by the middle of 2017. Once Services were onboard they could enable their Educators to move to Harmony Web and enjoy electronic time sheets and other great new functionality.


While Educators could continue to use Harmony Light, after 1 July 2017 it would no longer be supported by Redbourne, Mr Menhinnitt announced.

For a full list of upcoming Harmony on Tour Sessions go here

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