A better way to manage Program & Practice.

By using this module, your Educators can plan and prepare Programs easily and record the learning journey of each child in their care. The in-built EYLF and MTOP links save your Educators time.
The Program and Practice Module enables all Educators to store their programs, documentation, observations, images, videos and program reflections in one secure place.

The Program and Practice Module has made our role as educational leaders more efficient and allowed us to better manage, oversee and support our Educators to be compliant but also to improve the quality of the programs being delivered to the children.

Victoria, Empowered Family Day Care

Create Programs on any device

Be gone paper and pens. The easy to use and secure Program & Practice Optional Module is used by Educators daily.

Your Family Day Care, In Home Care, Centre Based Care or Outside School Hours Care team can create and store a range of content including Programs, Learning Observations of children and record Daily Diary activities.

The Program & Practice Module is device friendly, works on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Upload lots of photos and videos on the go while not sitting at a desk.

Harmony Web Program & Practices Optional Module is great for Educators

Customisable Templates

Every service is unique in the way they design and implement their educational programs. It’s always best to use a system that is secure, accessible and easily adaptable.

Our Programming templates can be customised to your specific needs and have built in links to Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place. Create templates for consistency, easily share ideas and reflect on practices when using a similar format.

Create your own templates in Program & Practices Module with Harmony Web

Map learning to EYLF and MTOP

The Harmony Web Program & Practice Module allows Educators to plan and record the learning journey of each child, linking to Australian standards of EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) and MTOP (My Time, Our Place for school aged care).

You can even record content specifically linked and referenced to a Learning Outcome. No more searching for the relevant standards. At Harmony Web CCS Software we have made it easy to keep your Educators programs up to date, accessible and professional.

Harmony Web Program & Practices Module links to EYLF and MTOP

Create a Digital Record. Securely.

Harmony Web CCS Software enables Educators to record their digital learning record via a smartphone, tablet or desktop – all securely. Only publish the program and observations until ready to do so.

We have built in smarts, so a record can be saved as a draft, then accessed later to complete the final version. Easily print to share a child’s learning journey with their parent or guardian.

Plan, create, publish Program & Practices Module securely on any smart device.
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