Digital E-signatures: what parents want.

A major time and paper-saving security feature.

Digital or electronic signatures streamline the sign in and out process for parents or guardians. No more messy paper sign in and sign out sheets.

Parents can create their own easy-to-remember 4 to 8 digit secure PIN. Additional authorised contacts for families can be assigned their own individual PIN as well. The benefit of E-signatures is a real-time sign in and out, no guessing the time needed.

Electronic Signatures for child care services

Less paperwork, less headaches

Electronic signatures help reduce physical paperwork in your Family Day Care, In Home Care, Centre Based Care and Outside School Hours Care services. Another benefit of E-Signatures is reducing the risk of misplaced paperwork or following up unsigned time-sheets from parents or guardians. It also reduces disputes over days and hours in care as everything is captured electronically at the time the E-signature is activated by the parent or guardian. This is also a requirement to ensure smooth child care subsidy processing.

eSignatures Optional Module is easy to sign in multiple children

Sign in and out multiple children at once

Taking the time out of signing in and out, parents or guardians with two or more children in a Family Day Care, In Home Care, Centre Based Care or Outside School Hours Care service can sign all children in or out at the same time. This saves time of parents during the busy morning drop off and late evening collection of their children.

Harmony Web eSignature Module is secure and fast

Added Security

For added security, Harmony Web CCS Software E-signatures Module ensures the PIN is secure and private to the PIN holder. If a parent or guardian forgets their PIN number on sign-in or sign-out, a new PIN can be requested easily and securely issued.

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