Get paid faster with redPAY payNOW.

By integrating your Invoices and Receipts in Harmony Web to redPAY, you will easily manage your finances. Reduce your data entry, manually issuing of invoices and receipts, payment reconciliation and checking bank statements everyday. redPAY integration does all the hard work for you. Owned and managed by the Redbourne Group, the Australian company that brings you Harmony Web CCS Software, redPAY is the secure payment gateway where all transactions are processed in Australia. Reliable, with low fees and great security, redPAY payNOW is the best way to get your money.

Tired of chasing unpaid invoices?

Introducing redPAY payNOW. The fast and secure way you can get paid just by a click of a button. Just integrate this optional module to your Harmony Web subscription, set all the details and away you go. You can manage all of your customers details in Harmony Web. Nominate who will pay the transaction fees. Issue the invoices to parents and guardians seamlessly.  Check your redPAY reports and issue unpaid invoices easily.

payNOW is the fast way to get paid.

Make it easy for parents to pay you.

Why not make it easy and fast for your customers to pay you? You can with a secure redPAY payNOW button on your Invoices. All integrated within Harmony Web for Educators, you will wonder how you ever lived without redPAY. All processing occurs in Australia. redPAY adheres to all global regulations.

redPAY is PCi Service Level 1 compliant.
redPAY makes it easy for your parents to pay their invoices.
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