Early education programming and planning on any device.

Our Program and Practice Module is designed for you to easily plan your program, link to the Early Years Learning Framework or My Time Our Place, add learning observations and your reflections. You can even publish to the Parent Portal. All this can be done, securely, inside Harmony Web. No more pens and paper, typing and copying and pasting to a separate system. The benefit is time saving and security.

Family Day Care and In Home Care Educators, you can choose to add Program and Practice Module to your Harmony Web for Educators subscription through your service provider. Centre based care services can order this Module at anytime as well.

70% of Educators rated “ease of use” as the reason they use Program & Practice Module. Recording observations, uploading photos and videos on the go and creating their own planning templates are also popular features for Educators to use.

Family Day Care Educators, 2019 Harmony Web Survey

Plan and build your own programming

Imagine no more messy diaries, notebooks or paper filling up your office. Using the Program and Practice Module you will keep it all in one system, secure in the knowledge the information and photos of children in your care is safe.

Creating your early learning or school based programs using the in-built templates or designed by you or your service is simple to do. You can add as much information with no limit on image or file size attachments.

Capture all learning observations

You will be able to record all learning observations and upload images and videos for each child in your care. Program and Practice Module is web-based and device friendly. This means you can access on your mobile or tablet, anytime and anywhere (with Internet access).

Create and share each child’s portfolio

Now you can easily share with families, their child’s learning portfolio. All digitally. All securely. This is possible thanks to the Parent Portal. A module for services that is part of the core features of Harmony Web CCS Software, services are able to use Parent Portal by granting access to families.

Simply publish entries to the child’s portfolio to share with families. (Ask your service provider about using Parent Portal to builds greater engagement with families😊 )

Share each child's portfolio with parents.

Link to EYLF or MTOP

We have built in links to the Early Years Learning Framework, for early childhood providers and My Time Our Place, for school aged providers. Adding the right Quality Area to your Program is also as easy to do.

EYLF and MTOP frameworks
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