A more secure and streamlined way to sign in and out.

Streamline the sign in and sign out process for Parents and Guardians with the E-Signature Module. Our secure technology allows Parents or Guardians to record their Child’s attendance, signing in and out, online for your Family Day Care or In Home Care service.

Going digital will significantly reduce paper used in your business. All Parents and Guardians will have their own access code and PIN. Lost or forgotten PINs can be quickly requested and issued.

For Child Care Subsidy System, all children in child care, must have their sign in and sign out recorded. Adding E-Signatures to your Harmony Web for Educators subscription makes it easy for you to manage.

Works on any device.

E-Signatures is device friendly. So whether you have a desktop, smartphone, tablet or laptop – the action of signing in and out will be the same.

Electronic Signatures for child care services

Behind the login screen.

It is so clear to see which child to sign in or out of their session of care. Using any device or desktop computer, your families will be able to use their personal Access Code and PIN to log in and out.

This is what inside E-Signatures looks like.

We all forget, from time to time.

Life gets busy, parents can be in a rush at the start of the day. So we thought “how can we gently remind to sign in/out?” And the “Oops! message was born.

The "oops" message gently reminds parents and guardians to sign in or out.
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