Harmony Web delivers a new level of connectivity and synchronisation of information that Educators need to share with their Services and vice-versa.

When you and your Service use the web version of Harmony your systems are fully connected and synchronised to the Harmony database used by the Service providing longed-for benefits:

  • Timesheet information can be submitted electronically by you to the Service enabling faster processing times
  • Fees and booking changes can be submitted online for your Service to approve.
  • Enrolments and fee data in your Service’s Harmony system will be uploaded automatically into your Harmony
  • Information from your Service can be transmitted directly into your system. For example changes in a child’s CCB rate will automatically be flagged in your system
  • The child and parent information in your Harmony will match that held at the Service
  • Messages can be sent between you and your Service from within the application, making it easier to store, locate and track messages