Child climbing play equipmentHarmony for Educators delivers many outstanding new features and benefits

Many of these features are made possible due to Harmony Web being an easy to access, reliable, online platform and a subscription-based service ensuring Educators gain instant access to ongoing product improvements and updates due to government requirements.

What’s news in Harmony Web for Educators

      • A new look interface (screens) that is easier to use and provides a better way of working and managing day-to-day tasks within Harmony, as well as giving improved views
      • Instant access to Harmony via a simple log-in any time, from any location or computing device, e.g. mobile devices such as laptops, Ipads, even Smartphones
      • Instant access to new Harmony features as they are released, depending on your subscription level
      • Safe storage of all your information at our secure data centres in Australia
      • Automatic and assured back-up of all your information – no need to worry about this any more
      • Greater connectivity and synchronisation of your Harmony systems with your Service’s system
      • Real time notifications between you and your Service
      • Automatic Direct Debit and BPAY through our electronic payment gateway system, redPAY, ensuring faster payment and improved cash flow
      • Faster online access to payment advice details
      • A secure private area as part of a new Library feature that will store your business accounts and personal documents
      • Easier ways to stay on top of jobs you have to do:
        – Manage your own tasks and set reminders including using a new calendar function
        – Receive automatic reminders for renewal compliance for Working with Children clearances, First Aid certificates, insurances, etc.
        – Send questions to the Service, or Coordinators / Field Workers from within Harmony via an instant messaging system and keep track of communication
      • And exciting new capabilities in the areas of programming and communication with your Service and parents via a soon-to-be-released Parental Portal

PLUS, all these built in smarts:

  • Management of multiple guardians and shared care
  • Management of family levies
  • Recording of parent payments
  • Late and revised timesheets
  • Automated overnight query of CCMS enrolments, attendance records, payments etc.
  • Processing more than two sessions in a day