Educator-01FDC Educators helped develop Harmony Web for the business needs of Educators

There has never been a more exciting time to be an educator. The industry is maturing and working to develop the capacity and confidence of children to become life long learners is exciting. The rewards are immense and, now, the technology is available to underpin all that you do, enhancing your professionalism.

One comprehensive solution that takes care of all your FDC business needs.

Harmony for Educators is an easy to use software solution that takes care of all your FDC business needs in one smart system.

In true Harmony/Redbourne Group style it has been developed with full consultation with the sector: Harmony for Educators has been designed by experienced FDC educators in consultation with practicing FDC educators.

You asked and we listened. We understand the changing dynamics of the FDC sector, the challenges you face, the expectations of parents and coordination units and government bodies, and most of all, your desire to offer children a rich and diverse learning journey. This software saves time so you can focus more on doing what you love doing – learning with children.

Enhance your professionalism

With Harmony for Educators you have a business tool to demonstrate your professionalism and the totality of what you do, while saving you time and fast-tracking processes.

Communicate with families online, present professionally, submit electronic timesheets and generate receipts. Plus, with add-on options, you can manage the learning journey for each child and your own business accounts.

All of your FDC professional business needs in one software solution.

Harmony for Educators is the right tool for your job. And now is the right time to take advantage of all this exciting software solution has to offer.