Educator holding a giggling childHarmony for Educators is highly affordable.

The new web version of Harmony for Educators is available NOW with affordable pricing through a weekly fee structure that is very low cost.

Most Services are now connected to the new online version of Harmony with several in the process of rolling it out to their Educators.

Moving to a web-version is optional, though with all Services upgrading to the new web version it will be to your benefit to be on the same software as your Service – particularly as you will be able to take advantage of all of the connectivity benefits.

Where & How to Buy

At Redbourne we want all FDC Educators to be able to move to Harmony Web as soon as possible and have set highly affordable pricing to enable this.

The most cost-effective way to buy  Harmony for Educators is through your Service as Redbourne has enabled distribution agreements with Services to accommodate their Educators and their requirements.

Speak to your Service about pricing and options for Harmony.

If, because of timing or other factors, you decide to buy directly from Redbourne, then please call us to discuss your options and pricing. Initially, Educators will not be connected prior to their Service as the value in the software is having connectivity to your Service’s data.


Harmony for Educators will enable you to:

  • Calculate & submit your timesheets
  • View child and family details for new children/emergency placements
  • See updated CCB percent percentages in your system
  • Record parent payments and issue receipts
  • Receive payment advice

Pricing$2.75/week inc GST, paid through your Service or $3.30/week inc GST with Electronic Signature.

Cash Book Module:

  • Is a full cash book
  • provides the capacity to manage accounts up to BAS ready
  • can be used for your FDC business
  • Cashbook information is for your eyes only, the service cannot access it
  • Enables redPAY Bpay, direct debit transactions and automated electronic payments

 Pricing: $2.75/week inc GST paid either through your Service or as a lump sum of $143.00/year inc GST

Program and Practices Module is designed for Educators to:

  • Record the learning journey of each child in your care
  • Choose what and how they want to capture the learning as we recognise there is no one way to document
  • Link to EYLF & MTOP
  • Publish to parent portal for parent’s secure viewing

Pricing: $3.30/week inc GST paid through your Service.