eSignatures. A major time+paper saving feature for FDC Educators.


eSignatures is an Optional  Module that Educators can purchase for use with Harmony Web.

Digital or electronic signatures streamline the sign in and out of parents for attendance. This technology allows Educators and parents to submit information online to your FDC business and the Service you you belong to.

It will significantly reduce the amount of paper used within your business, bringing greater sustainability to your business.

How do digital signatures work?

When a parent arrives at the Educators place of child care, they simply enter their 4-digit secure PIN number into the Harmony Web system. It will enable them to click on their child’s photograph and sign in. The software documents the time of sign-in. Signing out works the same way. All this for just 55 cents per week on top of your low-cost standard Harmony Web for Educators weekly subscription fee.

eSignatures complements electronic timesheets by helping Educators to:

  • Reduce physical paperwork in their business
  • The risk of misplaced timesheets
  • Follow up unsigned timesheets