New Features for Harmony Web for Educators

28 AUGUST 2018

Educator Requested Features in new Harmony Web.

We have listened to many Services and Educators with their Educators online already and as a result are adding the following new features in our upcoming releases of Harmony Web:

  • Multiple Child Count on the timesheet
    • You will now be able to select the multiple child count on the timesheet when calculating the timesheet. This will use the multiple child count from the subsidy tab under the Parent/Guardian Record. (Released)
  • Multiple Child Count being used when invoicing
    • You will now be able to invoice your parents in advance with the multiple child count applied to the subsidy. (Released)
  • The ability to submit a new booking to the service via the software for the Service to approve
    • The Educator will now be able to submit a new booking form to the service via the software. The service will be notified via email (optional) and within Harmony Web. The Service may then approve or reject the booking. If the service approves the booking, the current booking will be end dated and a new booking will be created. If the Service rejects the new booking the Educator will be notified by email and within Harmony for Educators. (Coming shortly)

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