We understand how important reliable child care subsidy processing is to you.

That’s why you can depend on Harmony Web ccs software. Depending on your business needs, moving to Harmony Web may be a quick turnaround or a little bit longer if data migration is required.

The software solution is reliable and trusted to process child care subsidies, invoice parents and maintain accurate balances.

Our team includes professionals who have worked in all sectors of the child care industry. Harmony Web offers a total solutions approach for services looking for a company that truly cares, will be your long-term partner and provide support for your business.

What is involved in getting started?

Once you are satisfied that Harmony Web is the right ccs software for your service, we can create your database within minutes. The process is:
1. Confirm your purchase.
2. You will receive an email with a link to access your version of Harmony Web.
3. You will receive another email with your temporary password.
4. Log in and change your password.
5. If we have migrated your data, you will see your parent and child records, bookings and fees. Or if you are starting as a new service you can receive support to view your data.
6. Training and mentoring is provided.
7. Start using Harmony Web.

Getting started with Harmony Web ccs software

Does Harmony Web offer training?

Yes! We understand that people learn to use software in different ways.

Talk to our team about the training options best for you. We offer a comprehensive mix of online 1:1 session training, group Webinars or onsite*. We can also provide you child care service with training materials ranging from manuals and tip sheets to videos.

*Onsite training visits incur travel costs.

Harmony Web training and support

What are the system requirements to use Harmony Web software?

Harmony Web is a web-based solution. This means you do not save the software on your desktop.

All you need is a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, JavaScript enabled and reliable internet access of at least ADSL2+.

Supported browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Harmony Web ccs software specs

How experienced is the Harmony Web team at data migration?

We have helped many customers move from their previous system to Harmony Web. Depending upon the system you are coming from, we can import your data directly into Harmony Web, or we can engage our administration support team to help manually enter parent and child data on your behalf.

Why should we trust Harmony Web as our CCSS provider?

Harmony Web has been around since 1985. It is backed by the Redbourne Group, a reputable Australian software development company that provides customisable software solutions and support services to government agencies, not for profit groups and small to medium sized businesses. We also know the child care sector pretty well too.

Let us show you how Harmony Web CCS Software can improve your business.
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