CCS Enrolments Notices – how Harmony will manage this change

Under CCS enrolments will be called “Enrolment Notices” and under the Notice there are two types: 200A – creating an enrolment notice and 200D – updating and exiting enrolment. Within the enrolment notice there is an enrolment arrangement. There are four different enrolment arrangements: Complying Written Arrangement (CWA), Relevant Arrangement (RA), Arrangement with Organisation (OA) and Child Wellbeing Provider Eligible (ACCS).

Below is a brief table showing enrolment types in the CCMS world and what they will be in the new CCS world

*CWA is a new module your service can obtain. This can be purchased as part of the parent portal package or separately. The CWA form will be an e-form which you can send directly to your families out of the new Harmony Web platform. It will include details regarding their child’s enrolment, for example: Service Name, Parent and child details, bookings and fees. The parent will be able to verify the details and send it back to the service through the new Harmony Web platform. Once you have received this you will be able to enrol the child under CCS.

When you create an enrolment under CCS you will have some additional fields that will be required, see table below:

You may be aware the new CCS enrolment process has additional steps to the current CCMS process. The CCS enrolment details in the table above will need to be submitted by your service to CCS. Your parents are then required to access their Mygov account and confirm, reject or dispute the enrolment details. The new Harmony Web platform will receive a response back from Mygov to let you know if the parent has confirmed, or otherwise the enrolment.

During the training phase we will show you in detail how to enrol a child in the new CCS. The new Harmony Web platform will be ready to start the enrolment process from April 2018.

We recommend that your service encourages families to obtain a MyGov account if they do not already have one as this will assist in the enrolment authorisation process.

Your service can direct families to the below link to prepare them for the upcoming changes:

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