Harmony has been used by the childcare sector for 20+ years.


Harmony is a modern web-based platform used by thousands of Australian childcare Educators, Home-Based Care and Centre-Based Care service providers. First introduced in 1991, the software has had numerous upgrades to comply with government regulations and to maximise new technology, including being CCSS registered in 2018. Harmony was processing CCSS from 2 July with business as normal operations for our clients.

The software delivers greater functionality to meet the evolving needs of the sector. This simplified, online version is CCSS compliant and streamlines many of the functions of the previous Harmony.

Until recently there were three versions of Harmony:

  • Harmony CBC (Centre-based-Care) for Long Day Care (LDC) Centres and Outside School Hours (OSH) providers
  • Harmony for Family Day Care (FDC) and In Home Care (IHC) providers
  • Harmony Light for Family Day Care (FDC) Educators

In late 2011, Harmony joined the Redbourne Group, Australia’s second largest software provider to the childcare industry, to combine the experience and expertise of both companies in meeting future client requirements.

Today, Harmony is a modern, CCSS software providing one advanced system for all users of Harmony yet an easier way to do what you need to do with the program. It provides new functionality to simplify your work and enhance your professionalism.

Quality, Programming, Educator Management, Library and a Parent Portal are important aspects of running a service.

Harmony delivers.

For Long Day Care (LDC) and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Services, the Redbourne Group provides Child Care Central.